The Negative Impact Of The Atomic Bomb On Society

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Due to the nature of technology, many parallels exist between the atomic bomb and new and emerging technologies. Thus, all of the decisions regarding the development and implementation of contemporary technologies should be informed by those decisions made in the 1940’s concerning the atomic bomb. These decisions demonstrate the importance of being inclusive in discussions, considering the of impacts before development begins, having an existing problem that needs to be solved, and restricting developed technology that is harmful to human existence. The atomic bomb illustrates the importance including everyone in the discussions surrounding new technologies. Although the impacts of the atomic bomb affected all of society, the knowledge about its development was limited to those directly involved with the Manhattan Project (Szasz 1984). Moreover, the discussions among those involved focused heavily on scientific terminology and concepts and hindered the non-specialists from asking relevant questions (Wyden 1984). However, it is not the scientific details that are important to consider; “it’s the basic thrust of these …show more content…
After witnessing the long-term and unintended consequences that occurred in Japan, the United States has not dropped another bomb (Nolan 2014). Modern society should utilize the atomic bomb as a continuous reminder that it is possible to restrict certain technologies after they are established. Therefore, if technology is developed and utilized that leads to advances, such as immortality (Winner 2002, Kurzweil 1999), but results in cataclysmic outcomes for society and humanity, the technology should be retracted and forbidden for the future. It is crucial that modern society learns from the decisions made in the past, in order to not repeat the same

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