The Atomic Bomb Of Nagasaki

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This is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to World War II, if not the most. There are different opinions on how the US-Japan war actually started. One debatable argument would be when US declared war on Japan claiming Japanese naval and air forces attacked the USA. It was President Roosevelt who declared the war on Dec 08, 1941. But the infamous “Manhattan Project” that produced the Atomic bomb that went on to write the history was already in the process.

Well it all started when the United States placed a fuel and other metal prohibition on Japan when they were on much need of it against war with China (Gallagher 2). It prompted the Japanese plan of attack on Pearl Harbor. On Dec 6 1941, President Franklin appealed for peace.
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They were instantaneously destroyed. Over 90 percent of the buildings at Hiroshima within three kilometers of the hypocenter of the explosion were blasted, burned and demolished. Similarly, over a third of all the buildings in Nagasaki were severely damaged. Of the estimated 300,000 people in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, about 140,000 died either within hours of the attack or within the following few weeks. At Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, some 70,000 of the estimated 270,000 people present died. The death and destruction were indiscriminate - babies, children, women, civilians, soldiers, residents, visitors, hospitals, schools - all blasted and irradiated into oblivion. About 90 percent of the deaths occurred immediately or within 14 days, and 90 percent of these were from blast, heat and radiation injury, and from the collapse of buildings. In addition to these aftereffects, the black rain that followed the bombing for days within a widespread area, affected the place. People died from radiation sickness that caused them damage to gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow and other organs (Coggle 1). The birth of deformed children followed and some radiation cancers still exist today. Social aftermath was the worst. Japanese still do not accept that United States dropped bombs to end the war. The Government hasn’t yet passed the A-bomb relief law (Coggle

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