The Atomic Bomb Of Hiroshima Essay

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The Atomic Bomb

After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, Americans desperately tried to get back at the Japanese for leaving their country in ruins. After several nuclear weapons tests, the United States was ready to get their revenge. In 1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs, one at Hiroshima and one at Nagasaki. This was one of the underlying factors that contributed to the surrender of Japan. The dropping of the Atomic bomb in Japan was important to United States history because it was arguably the biggest turning point in modern war history. It eventually led the United States into an economic age of prosperity, and it proved the United States had a sense of authority worldwide. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans were outraged at the Japanese and immediately wanted to get involved in the war that was going on at the time (World War II). Due to the fact the United States had gone to war not too long before, a new strategy was eventually developed, dropping an atomic bomb. This idea was brought upon by no other than Albert Einstein. Einstein brilliantly sent current president at the time Franklin D. Roosevelt a letter explaining his plan for what would be one of the biggest turning points in United States History. Due to the fact that there was a suspicion that Germany was getting ready to start using nuclear weapons, the government knew they had to take a course of action soon or other countries would begin to picture America as weak…

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