The Atomic Bomb Is The Most Controversial Weapon Ever Made By Man

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The Atomic bomb is the most controversial weapon ever made by man; first used by the United States of America during World War Two, it evaporated tens of thousands of people In seconds and destroyed whole cities. The Atomic bomb was devastating but not devastating enough for the U.S. Government who started another bomb project only this time experimenting with Hydrogen. Thus the Hydrogen bomb was created; a bomb that was feared by all people who knew about it. This paper will give one a good understanding of how the first atomic bomb rattled many and how nuclear weaponry has evolved over the decades through the Cold War onto the present.
In 1945 the second world War was ending and there was no doubt that the allies were going to win. The question was with how many casualties? Japan 's homeland consisted of millions of die for the motherland type of people they were not going down without killing scores of American live before they were defeated. The American answer to this problem was the Manhattan project; a project that would create a bomb strong enough to wipe out the enemy. Two Atomic bombs were constructed from the Manhattan project; Fat Man and Little Boy (Nuclear). One was made with Plutonium and the other with Uranium because the scientist wanted to test the effects of the different elements (Nuclear). The Manhattan project cost 3.2 billion dollars but gave over 130,000 people jobs which was important because the United States were just coming out of its worst…

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