The Atomic Bomb Against Japan Essays

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The fact that the United States decided to drop an atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan shocked many people, including U.S. citizens and the Japanese. The U.S. used a brutal force choosing the atomic bomb, as proven by the thousands of deaths caused. The U.S. knew the extent of damage it was causing by deploying the bomb, and some people still question the motives for such a ruthless choice of weaponry. The atomic bomb, however destructive and questionable, seemed to be the only sure way of ensuring “unconditional surrender.” The U.S. took matters into its own hands to ensure an end to war on its own terms. The atomic bomb was, in fact, “a clear step designated to force Japan’s unconditional surrender;” however, this statement fails to give attention to the many other factors that influenced the decision to use the atomic bomb. To fully understand the reasoning for using the atomic bomb against Japan, one must look at the grand scheme of the United States’ position in WWII. The U.S. had much regret when coming out of WWI and was far from ready to engage in yet another war. The U.S. sat back comfortably and maintained a position of neutrality, even while sending supplies to the British military. Not until the U.S. felt the effects of war on a personal level during the attack on Pearl Harbor, did the U.S. even decide to enter WWII. If the U.S. wanted to maintain its position as a rising power, it had to respond to such an attack. At the same time, one must…

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