The Atlantic World Was One Of Commodities Essay

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Chapter seven of the text book begins with the simple premise, that “the Atlantic world was one of commodities.” (p. 218) This simple statement belies the complexity of the effect that trade had upon the whole of the Atlantic region. It is this complexity that chapter seven attempts to convey within thirty five short pages. Given such limitations the resultant text does an admirable job of conveying many of the basic historiographic ideas relating to the vast repercussions relating to the movement of goods and people throughout the myriad locations of the Atlantic World. After a brief introduction the chapter proceeds in a similar manner to the previous sections of the book. Dividing the major elements of the topic into thematic sub-chapters, beginning with a section entitled “Urban and Regional transformations.” This sub-chapter walks the reader through the environmental history of trade, necessary changes made to the landscapes of the Atlantic that facilitated the trade of people goods and information. While many European nations were already deeply involved in plying the ocean for resources, the wealth that become available when the rest of the Atlantic world opened up was immense, and caused huge changes in sea ports, farming and coastal regions. The transformation of Europe is followed by brief discussions on the changes European contact had on the Americas and Africa. In Africa, the rises of trade lead to “rapid political and social change.” (p. 222) Atlantic…

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