Essay on The Atlantic Charter And The United States

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In 1941 Nazi Germany other axis powers began taking over the world. The United States of America, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union fought against them. Many people know of historical events that occurred in Europe and the Pacific but do not know of events that occurred in Africa. A lot of Africans fought in world war two along with the colonial leaders, some were overtaken are in control by the axis powers other by the Allies. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president of the United States, felt as if he had an otherworldly leaders needed to free colonized states. In 1941 the Atlantic Charter, which was signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. The Atlantic charter dictated that all Colonies should have the right to the self determination. However, Churchill and Roosevelt had differences of opinion about which Colonies that the Atlantic Charter should free. The Atlantic Charter, would provide the already growing nationalist movements energy to protest against the British rule. Many people around the world, especially in African nations and the United States viewed the Atlantic Charter as an end to imperialism. The British on the other hand did not want to give up its empire and would attempt to hold on to their assets as long as it could.
When looking at the Atlantic charter and how it affected the people of Africa I they use a variety of sources to show how Africans were able to gain their independence from the colonial parent nations. I’ll use…

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