The Athletes Shack Essay

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The Athletes Shack

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Executive Summary
The client is requesting a wireless solution that they can link all of their 10 stores together and provide iPads for the employees to increase customer service. The need for this has been brought about by a disjointed network with no connectivity to each site. The customer’s requirements are that this will be a wireless technology that will need to be implemented at the ten stores in the areas. This solution will also need to be via a broadband service as well as providing iPads for the employees at the stores. The
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They have seen a potential decline in sales that they feel is attributed towards the lack of customer service that can be provided due to not having a fully connected network/company. The Athletes Shack also feels that they can also grow in revenue with potential sales that are being missed now due to the lack of technology that they have and there is that ”there is also evidence that mobile computing is reducing infrastructure and operational costs” (Nicolle, 2004).
Currently, there are currently 10 stores that are not connected to each other in any form. Each store has its own database of clients, as well as no connection to each other store. If merchandise stock for example would need to be verified they must call to another store, which in turn slows down the process for assistance of the customer. By being able to” wirelessly submitting work orders, customer forms and credit card payments, millions are saved each year on paper and fuel costs” (CTIA 2015). This project will enable the client to be able to have every store online and be able to connect with any other store instantly as well as allow customers to be able to connect to the network. This wireless network installation that is being designed for “must now routinely host a wide range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablet computers, and e-readers” (Vincent, 2014).
The short coming

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