The At The University Of South Alabama Essay

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Growing up people use to always tell me, "be careful of the company you keep." Being that I was so young at the time, I didn 't quite understand what that meant. As time passed and I got a little older, I began to understand a little more and became aware of who I hung around. I was nice to everyone, including people I didn 't know but sometimes that 's not a good thing. I 've learned that you can 't allow everybody to come into your home, even if you’re related. It all started when I decided to move to mobile back in September to go to school. My cousin Jada and I found a nice apartment that wasn 't too far from the school. At first it was just us staying there because we didn 't know anybody in mobile and all our friends were back at home. One day we found out that our cousin and one of our classmates were attending The University of South Alabama so we started inviting them to come over to hang with us. They were at our house just about every day watching television and eating up all our food. November rolled around and it was my nineteenth birthday. I was so excited to be turning nineteen and I made sure everyone knew it. Later that night around nine o 'clock, I went out on a double date with a good friend of mines, my cousin and her boyfriend. We were at Buffalo Wild Wings having the time of our lives. While we were there, my cousin Avery texted me asking could he spend the night at the house and me being the good person that I am, I told him yeah. We waited for…

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