The At The St. Nicholas Hotel Essay example

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After the exhausted party returned to the St, Nicholas hotel, Karolina told her husband she wanted to go for a walk after the events of the last several days. Her husband nodded and grabbed the sleeping child from her and climbed the stairs to their room with their other child in tow. Her cousin’s family had already retired to their room for the evening so Karolina was alone when she walked through the hotel lobby toward the grand ballroom and library.
Karolina peered through the doorway of the ballroom, amazed at the furnishings and the opulence of the decorations. A reception was being held while a small orchestra was tuning up their instruments. Young ladies dressed in fancy finest gowns and gentlemen in their finest clothing were milling around in the center while other groupings of the guests were standing in small semicircles in different corners of the room. A fine banquet had just completed and older men were standing and smoking profusely on their cigars as their wives and ladies sat at the tables still remaining in the room talking about their homes and children.
Karolina remembered the wonderful evening so many years ago at the wedding of Princess Marie and the Marquess of Hamilton at the Manheim Palace in Baden. Meanwhile, the front desk clerk kept a wary eye on her as she stood in the doorway of the ballroom. He noticed her plain homemade clothing and hairstyle from Baden. He realized she was one of the immigrants that recently arrived and determined she was…

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