The At The Sea World Essay example

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“Do you believe?”; children from the 90’s can remember the infamous Sea World slogan, as well as Shamu on the television flying through the clouds and in between buildings in large cities. Which, in turn, always lead to begging your parents to taking a trip to Sea World. Sea World is the place where people of any age, can go and experience all the creatures that hide beneath the oceans’ surface. Due to recent reports, the words abuse and neglect would have never come to mind when Sea World was mentioned. Until, the media was forced to put a critical spotlight on the once family orientated destination. The highly visited theme park known as Sea World was where many fingers’ were being pointed because of the abusive allegations towards killer whales and the disregard for trainer safety, within the last 5 years. The reasoning for the media targeting and highlighting the faults of the nationwide corporation was due to the several deaths of the Orca trainers. The unbelievably beautiful Orcas, aka killer whales, are statistically capable of living to be around 90 years of age in the wild. Furthermore, in captivity at any Sea World location in the U.S. the whales are known to “die in their teens and twenties, sometimes under abnormal circumstances.”(Kirby, 2014, para.3) Also, the killer whale mortality rate in captivity is estimated to be “2.5 times higher than killer whales in the pacific northwest.”(Kirby, 2014, para.1) Orcas are dying at absurdly young ages due to being…

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