The At The Marine Corps Essay

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As someone that will be joining the Marine Corps after I graduate and maybe going into the FBI this chapter fits the most with what I want to do. As long as there are rules to break there will be people who will break them. I have always wanted to help people, and until recently I did not know how I could do that. I have been changing my major constantly these last few years, but the one thing that stayed the same was my desire to help people. To join the FBI the individual has to be twenty-three and an American Citizen. If the individual passes the two phases of testing you may get a Conditional Letter of Appointment, but may not get the letter if your skills are not needed at the beau at the time. After receiving the letter the candidate has to pass a back ground check which consists of a credit check; arrest check; polygraph examination; and interviews with past employers, neighbors, and personal and business references. He/She must also pass the physical requirements of a 300-meter sprint, sit-ups, a 1.5-mile run, and push-ups (FBI Requirements).
First, is criminal law is the laws of a state or country dealing with criminal offenses and their punishments. A crime is a wrong against society proclaimed in a statute and, if committed, punishable by society (Miller pg.124). For a person to be convicted of a crime two things must happen. First, doing the prohibited act, and secondly “a specified state of mind or intent on the part of the actor” (Miller pg.125). There are…

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