Essay about The At The Manhattan Memorial Park

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I had never seen so many ponies at the Manhattan Memorial park. Fillies were running around screaming, playing, chasing one another, giggling. By the looks of it, the chess competitors were trying to meditate in an isolated area of the park, preparing their minds for the tournament. From afar, I could hear drums and trombones. Seats were placed around the competitors’ tables, where they would eventually falter to either a win or a loss.

Dusty and Vinyl went to register for the competition, while I was in charge of getting a front row seat, so I could look at Vinyl, smile at her, hoping that she would win it all, even though she barely had any practice or preparation. Nevertheless, I believed in her, believed that she would come out of this tourney victorious.

By the time I had managed to get a good seat, I had heard Vinyl calling my name from afar. Her face was beaming with happiness, and, when she stepped up to me, I smiled back. “So, did you get in?”

“Yup,” she said, waving her ticket in the air. “Turns out there are only eight competitors, me being one of them.”

“We got to the registration booth just in time too,” Dusty said, catching up. “I was surprised we even made it.”

“Well that’s great,” I said.

“Yup,” Vinyl said. “Can I tell you something, Octavia?”

“You can tell me anything, Vinyl.”

“Will you be disappointed in me if I lose?”

My smiled faltered, lost all its momentum. “No, I won’t be disappointed. I would have no reason to. Forget about what others…

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