The At The Hell ' The Cafeteria ' Essay

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Where 's the one place you can find all your Jock ,Goth ,Emo ,Punk ,Skater ,Gangster ,Mexican ,Nerd ,Stoners ,Preps ,Band geeks ,Art freaks ,hoes ,rich people, and loners? Thats right high school, also known as hell school lol. The closest all these groups get together is when they go to the hell hole aka “The Cafeteria”. For the last couple weeks i 've been studying and analyzing the cafeteria. Interesting enough the results that i 've gotten are quite the surprise.

You know that kid that you see going to school with his nice uniform and backpack that looks like a angel ready to learn about the world?yeah, he 's no angel he 's the one about to bully your son when they get onto that schoolbus. Some may think that these are just “kids” but once they get on that bus ride to school they are a whole different species and a whole other story. My quest to journey into one of the most life impacting places has caused many Implications on my life but has also caused me to open my eyes and notice many things. First is that as a high school student we are all evil. Second is that teachers all over despise us all the time and wish that we don 't wake up the next morning. Third is that we are all temporary whether we notice it or not.

So yeah, people are different, and most of the time it 's because of those little cliques in high school. i noticed that people seemed to veer off from one another upon entering the cafeteria. Upon arrival the band kids went to go sit with…

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