The At The Gift Shop Counter And Continued On Into The Museum

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I payed the surprisingly cheap entrance fee at the gift shop counter and continued on into the museum.
The museum itself is expansive at least in information. The basic structure of the exhibits is to present a diorama or historical artifact on its chosen time period with a paragraph text on sheets of paper of varying sizes. Other more comprehensive information that couldn’t be summed up in relation to a visual aid were put on sheets of paper pasted onto semi-bulletin board stands and were written like printed-out high school essays. That’s not to say that everything looked cheap. Many of the exhibits had artifacts on the time period they were covering. The exhibit on the pre-mission Native American tribes had displays containing weapons and items used by the people of those times, and another exhibit on life in the Mission presented the types of old clothing people wore. Other Exhibits, like those on the Mission’s restoration after the 1868 earthquake, do more than just stick a sheet of white paper onto the wall. There are maps showing the Mission San Jose area in older times, and drawings showing how the buldings have looked throughout the years. There also pictures of the restoration effort after the 1868 earthquake, that show the reconstruction efforts after the church was heavily damaged. A metal plaque is also present with the names of all the contributors to the restoration etched into it. They also have old documents detailing the Bill of Sale to the restoration…

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