The At The Front Door Essay

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Carlton walks into the kitchen and gets mad because he failed his gym exam. Will tells Carlton he isn’t physically strong enough to pass first grade gym. The audience laughs and Jeffrey tells Will he has a guest visiting at the front door. Jazz walks in and Will does their signature hand shake as Jazz approaches him to do the same. Then Carlton tells Will he doesn’t need physical strength to be in Harvard University and that he will write up his application for Harvard then storms off upstairs to tell. Will jokingly suggests to Carlton that he should brush up on his push ups as well as he is going up the stairs.

Act one Will and Jazz are sitting in the living room reminiscing about old memories that they share when suddenly a T.V advertisement appears on the T.V screen about a Hip Hop festival. Will immediately gets excited about the event and Jazz suggests to Will that he should enter the contest but Will turns it down. However, Will decides to make a bet with Jazz if Carlton win’s the rap battle contest he would need to pay him twenty dollars cash. Jazz agrees under the condition that if Will loses then he has to give up his collection of Run DMC tapes. Will agrees and calls Carlton down to the living room to tell him he will be entering a rap battle contest for Harvard University. Jazz tells Will he knows that Carlton won’t win and leaves. Carlton immediately rejects the proposition from Will but Will persists telling Carlton that he will get a spot into Harvard if…

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