Essay on The At The Democratic Republic Of Congo

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A Chance to expand an Innovative mindset, that is what the Illinois Institute of Technology means to me. I believe IIT has the resources necessary to sharpen and develop my mind and bring forth new technology, ideas, and improve our quality of life. Going behind test scores and diplomas, making real change in the world. By telling my story and who I am. Through Illinois institute of Technology i aim to positively have an impact in this ever changing world. I hope that to be given the chance.

I was born in the Democratic republic of Congo, based on the cost of living in the D.R Congo, I was not born in a poor family nor my parent were rich, i had the chance to visit a few countries before I move to the United States, I experienced the intense poverty of third world countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and the influence of powerful nations such as the united states and Europe. I could write about all the challenges I have faced rather it 's starting a new life here not speaking a word of english, or growing up in a poor country, going through tribal discrimination in my country and being persecuted for being of the tribe that i am m or i could even talk about hiding out in while machine gun are being discharged right outside my home during the war when I was a kid. Although all those memories and challenges that i have faced are forever with me and part of who I am, I chose to write about a recent experience in my life.

I have been in the United states since…

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