Essay on The At The Charleston Classes

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Although, it is still possible to attend the Charleston classes it is not used as independent dance style anymore. There are more Charleston steps invented such as side, back, fly or double Charleston, but all of this are just the part of the Lindy Hop movements.
Another popular swing dance is called Balboa that was originated in Southern California during the 1920s/30s. A lot of dance historians believe that this dance was influenced by Foxtrot, but others state that it was evolved from the Charleston. Although it is clear that Balboa dancers were influenced by the knowledge of the other Swing dances. Balboa in its original form was danced in closed position with an upright posture with partners standing chest to chest, having really intimate contact. Pure Balboa did not had a breakaway or spins and turns. Initially, it was danced in very conservative dance halls that had rules. Music for this dance was fast and original dancers were dancing at impressive speed. In addition, this dance could been danced at all of the tempos including slow music. But after a while the original Balboa dancers were bored of doing pure Balboa and included new variations and broke the connection of chest to chest dancing. This new Ball Swing Balboa included dips, spins, turns and also tricks but still combined with original Balboa footwork. Balboa at first was performed at the beach Pavilion and then at the well known Rendezvous Ballroom. The most famous dance troupe in Los Angeles were…

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