The At The Age Of 24 Krista Essay

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She sits in a stark, cold hospital room alone and in pain, such has been the case for the past two months. But this wasn’t always her life. At the age of 24 Krista was an active recent graduate of Texas A&M where she studied nursing. Wedding planning and job interviews seemed to consume Krista’s time. Life was just beginning for her and she couldn’t be happier! Everything changed quickly with a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer. Despite quick action from the doctors there was nothing more they could do. Krista now spends her days being treated for every small illness; confused, sore, and alone. The constant thought of her impending death weighs heavily on her mind. Terminal illness had not only taken her health it had taken her power, her dignity, and her future. As Krista’s stomach ached and her head spun from all of the treatments she wondered, was this anyway to live,or better yet anyway to die? As many people face this same reality every day the topic of euthanasia has persisted in being a hot button issue with many valid convincing points of both sides. Asking the difficult question, do we have the right to choose death? That question seems simple, but the vast amount of gray area involved on the topic keeps people divided.
One major area of contention is deciding how to determine if a patient is of sound mind to decide to take their life. Argument goes that once faced with their own mortality a patient will undoubtedly go into a depression and isn’t capable…

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