Essay on The At Southampton University And Its Effect On The Horizon

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May 14th 2016: It started out as any other Saturday – save for the exams that loomed on the horizon – yet quickly turned into anything but. What should have been a day for revision, became fraught with revulsion once the Soton Tab reported on SUSU’s rebrand. The familiar SUSU logo had been ditched for a new “Us.” logo that many described as corporate, and several students were livid.

Now if I’m to be perfectly honest, the old logo was horrendous; as a result, the new one may well be somewhat better – at least in my opinion. But that is one of the major cruxes of this whole issue. A logo is very much up to personal taste, and that should have been enough reason for leaving its fate to a referendum open to every single student at Southampton University, as opposed to a handful of elected(ish) members who sit on Union Council.

The real issue with this whole rebrand is not just the new logo, it’s the process by which it was arrived at. It’s the lack of democracy and transparency from an organization that claims to be a paragon of democratic virtue – one which delights in criticising others for lacking those qualities.

The Survey: Insincere or Incompetent?
Now that there is a petition with over 1814 signatories calling for the reversal of this rebrand, the President and other sabs have come out to strongly defend it by pointing to the massive survey which they had conducted prior to making a final decision. How many of those sabs actually looked at the results of…

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