The At Six Flags St. Louis Essay

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Most employees will note that the manager is the connection to the organization. They look to their leader for communication, professional development and opportunities to learn and grow. When a manager lacks in any of these categories, the experience is less than positive. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing both types.
I’ve had leaders who have driven my path and leaders who have made me search for new jobs. My very first position at Six Flags St. Louis was led by the general sales manager. He is the reason I am getting my MBA later in my career. I once said to him that I was going to start my MBA right away and his advice was to wait. Learn and grown in the business sector first and your masters’ education will be more engaging for you. He was right, and I am grateful for his advice 18 years later.
My first experience with a true leader came while working for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She was the executive director of the organization and while her demeanor was shy and passive, her leadership was transformational. For the first time in my then, 6 year career, I was being led by not only a manager, but a true leader. She provided the space to make our own decisions and the support to take a risk when possible. It was my first chance at being a leader to my own team as well. My boss saw something in me that I had not seen in myself and she kept encouraging me through the daily management of my team. I learned through her coaching that I was making some…

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