The Association Of Contraceptive Use And Cervical Cancer Essay examples

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Introduction: This paper addresses the contrasting features of two studies that analyzed the association of contraceptive use and cervical cancer.
Study Design: Both the studies are case-control studies. Shapiro et al study was conducted from January 1998 to December 2001. [1] Madelaine et al study was conducted from 1980 to 1998. Both studies collected data by in person interviews and sample collection. [2]
Study population: Shapiro et al study was conducted in Western Cape Province, South Africa and comprised of colored (mixed racial ancestry) and black women less than 60 years of age, living in 150km of Cape Town, who did not have private insurance and were from low socio-economic class. Cases were women who were diagnosed as cervical cancer stage 1b- IV at two gynecologic oncology clinics before less than six months. Of 524 women, 484 had squamous cell carcinoma and 40 had adenocarcinoma, Median age was 46 years and racial composition was 133 were black whereas 391 were colored. Controls were selected from hospitals in 3:1 ratio and were series-matched for decade of age, race /ethnicity and area of residence. There were 1541 controls with median age 44 years, of whom about 75% were colored and remaining were black women. [1] Madeleine et al study was conducted in Western Washington and the cases, more than 90% of population were white women. Cases were 150 women, 18-70 years of age, diagnosed with incident adenocarcinoma in situ between June 1990 and December 1996, and…

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