The Association Between Age Identities, Perception Of Age, And Health

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Theoretical Framework The theoretical framework of this article is centered on the association between age identities, perception of age, and health. This concept is analyzed from the prospective of when middle age ends, when old age starts, and desired as well as self-perceived age. Age identity, age perception, and health have more similarities than differences among them. The theoretical concept of this article is based on social identity theory and identity theory. It measures people’s perception and interpretation of themselves and the effect age has upon them based on these two theories. A number of studies looking at the concept of age identity and age perception, through the lens of health, have been conducted. These studies consider age and people’s perception of age as a major factor affecting someone’s health. Depending on how young ones may feel what effect would that have on their health, this article shows that health is induced by a pathological connection to one’s feelings.
II. Purpose The purpose of this article was to explain the concept of age identity, age perception and their relationship with someone’s physical and mental health. This comparison is measure throughout an individuals’ self-assessed health, self-reported illness or disability, hypertension, diabetes and their connection to age identity and perception of age. This article argues that age identity and age perception could be related to health outcomes through psychosocial pathways,…

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