The Assisted Suicide And Its Pros And Cons Essays

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The main theme of this research project is analysis of the assisted suicide and its pros and cons. The work includes discussion of significant features that demonstrate both positive and negative sides of assisted suicide. The topic was chosen because it is relevant and interesting to explore. To complete the study, only scholarly medical, sociological, and ethical resources were used in order to provide clear and reliable information. The aim of the research is to define the benefits and weaknesses of the assisted suicide. Comparative analysis and cognitive synthesis have helped to divide the material into several units and distinguish its general characteristics. Consequently, it enabled to determine the general origin, features, advantages, and disadvantages of the assisted suicide.
Keywords: assisted suicide, life, society.

Assisted Suicide
In modern society, the phenomenon of assisted suicide is an actual and serious issue. The notion implies the practice when a medical worker gives a conceivably deadly medication to a person in a critical condition. Besides, a patient gets the ability to choose whether to continue or to end his or her life. Psychological motivation of assisted suicide is to free the patient from suffering. However, the issue of this process has turned into an area of contradictions and disputes because there are many arguments, assessments, and convictions regarding this subject. Humanity is concerned whether a man has the…

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