The Assessment Of The Warman Community Primary Healthcare Essay

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Our study was conducted to assess the specifics of the Warman community primary healthcare needs and to seek residents’ opinions on the use of advanced practice nursing to address these gaps.
Through our focus group discussions, we identified that majority of participants have difficulty finding a primary healthcare physician locally, requiring many of them to travel to Saskatoon. For many Canadians, registering with a family doctor is a crucial step in using the healthcare system. In 2013, 15.5% of Canadians, nearly around 4.6 million people, did not have a regular family doctor, [1] which could affect their health outcomes. At 19.7%, Saskatchewan had a higher than the national average rate for the proportion of residents without a regular family physician in the same year. [1] Participants raised their concerns with the availability of long-term practitioners to act as their primary healthcare provider in Warman.
In 2013, Statistics Canada reported that among people without a regular doctor, 58.9% used a walk-in clinic, another 13% visited an emergency room, and 8.7% used a community health centre, when they needed medical care. [1] Likewise, we found that most study participants use the local clinic for the walk-in consults and/or minor emergencies only.
According to participants, residents are faced not only with a shortage of primary healthcare providers in Warman but with a high turnover rate of staff including physicians. They believe that part of the difficulty in…

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