The Assault Of Sexual Assault Awareness Essay

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Sexual assault awareness has been a growing issue over the last few years, not just in the Delaware Valley region, but all across the country. Only in the past few decades has it even become acceptable to openly speak out as a victim of sexual assault. This may not seem recent, but it is to the millions of victims who are just now beginning to feel comfortable, it is. Women Organized Against Rape(WOAR) was founded in 1971, it is the only rape crisis center in Philadelphia and was one of the first in the nation. National surveys in the United States estimate that one in five women has experienced an attempted or complete rape. Approximately every 107 seconds another American is sexually assaulted, estimating about 293,000 victims a year. That’s not counting the abuse that takes place world wide everyday. Even in this modern day and age victims are still scared to speak out for fear of being shamed or accused of lying. As a result of this 68% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police. Whether it be because of number of rapes that go unreported, or the unjust way rape is handled by the justice system, 98% of rapists will never be incarcerated. Women Organized Against Rape began as a simple hotline, with only 20 staff members. Over the next decade, WOAR is granted permission by the district attorney and police department to treat rape victims, they begin their court accompaniment programs and they advocate for the Rape Shield Law. WOAR participates in the formation of…

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