John F. Kennedy Assassination Theories

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John F. Kennedy Assassination Theories

What really did happen to John F. Kennedy? Was he shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald or was it something else? Many historians, politicians, and everyday people have their own take on what really happened on November 22, 1963.There are many different theories and possibilities that people concoct. Some involve the Vice President at the time Lyndon B. Johnson, the Mafia, Cuban President Fidel Castro, and even the CIA. If all of these conspiracies continue to grow in popularity, the true answer many be skewed, that is if we have the true answer. There are many theories about how John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and will continue to fascinate the United States public for many years to come. I personally
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I know that does not seem helpful in determining if the CIA was truly involved, but after he had a serious talk with the CIA director, he had a change of thought. "Apparently Bobby Kennedy’s first suspicion was that it was some rogue element in the CIA," said Philip Shenon, author of a new book on the JFK assassination. But, after an intimate meeting with CIA Director John McCone, the president’s brother was convinced the agency was not involved. He lived the rest of his life suspecting the Mafia or the Cubans were behind his brother 's death, according to Shenon’s book, “A Cruel and Shocking Act" (An inside job: CIA a suspect for some in JFK 's killing). Even though the CIA may have been upset with Kennedy, it is very unlikely that the CIA would go as far as to kill him. As well as the moral issue that one the United States own security agencies would kill the president, there is no evidence that is 100% true that there is any connection between Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA. Was Lee Harvey Oswald a shady character, yes. Was he a man who was connected to the CIA, contracted to kill the president, …show more content…
Of course! There is always a reason why the evidence will not be revealed. You would think that the United States would bring to justice the people involved in the assassination of the President of the United States if they had the information to do so? Because I do. How could they not let the people of America know what really happened to their President? This just goes to show that Lee Harvey Oswald was the true

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