The Assassination Of The Civil War Essay

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Gods and Generals centralizes around the involvement of four generals during the Civil War, Lee, Jackson, Chamberlain, and Hancock. Each general is intrinsically motivated by their own personal crisis, which leads them to choose a side to fight for. Some are Unionists, while others are sectionalists. Lee and Jackson sided with the Confederacy while Chamberlain and Hancock sided with the Union. Beginning with John Brown 's raid of Harper’s Ferry, America was hurling into a war. Lincoln 's presidential victory increased the south’s animosity. President Lincoln, a Republican, caused fear to arise in the south because Republicans stood on the grounds of no expansion of slavery in the Mexican cession territory. The threat of secession was becoming loud and clear. South Carolina was the first to secede after hearing the results of the election of 1860. Both the Union and Confederacy grind tooth and nail trying to oneup each other. Religion was a consistent theme where most of the generals relied on God for their decisions. The title of the book suggests the religious relation between the generals. Colonel Lee looked to God for the answer when he was struggling to pick a side. Jackson often prayed to God for assistance and tried promoting God to others. He tells Major White, “‘I believe that God would be happy if you sought out the guiding hand of someone who loves you as much as your mother loves you’” (Shaara 24). These generals express their belief in a divine power when they…

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