Essay The Assassination Of The Atomic Bomb On Japan

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In August 1945 2 powerful weapon were dropped on Japan. These weapons were called atomic bombs that were dropped and it forever changed how the world worked. President Truman was the one who decided to drop the bombs on Japan so that he could end WW2 and to show off the atomic weapon power to its rival the USSR. He wasn’t the only person involved in making the decision in dropping the bomb. Secretary of War Stimson,and the Interim Committee which included top scientist that were working on the project as advisors were involved in the decision and their motives were different. The model of organizational process created many sub groups that had different motives and duties about why they dropped the bomb.

President Truman decided to drop the bombs on Japan so that he could hasten the end of WW2 and to show off the power of his weapons to the USSR. The most common and known reason why President Truman dropped the bomb on Japan was to end the war. He also wanted to save the life of the thousands of troops who would’ve lost their lives if they decided to keep fighting the war if the bombs weren’t used. Another reason why he dropped the bomb was to scare the Soviets. The Soviets were gaining land in Europe after the fall of Berlin. They were getting land like a kid in a candy shop that is closing down and all its candy is 80% to 90% off. The US feared that the Soviets would try and do the same if they attacked and defeat Japan. They didn’t want Stalin to get control of more…

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