The Assassination Of President Kennedy Essay

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The Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and was not part of a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy; I disagree with this claim. After careful evaluation of all the evidence presented in the case, I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted as part of a conspiracy to assassinate the president. Analysis of the potential motives of different groups, direct/testimonial evidence, physical/forensic evidence, and circumstantial evidence found at Dealey Plaza shows that there is a real possibility that the assassination of President Kennedy was not carried out by a single man. Testimonial evidence, in addition to a few conceivable motives to kill the president, support the idea that Kennedy’s murder on November twenty-second, 1963 was part of a complex assassination plot. There were two groups who were the primary focus of conspiracy theorists as they tried to determine who had a motive to assassinate the president. The first was the Cuban Government. It is possible that Fidel Castro, leader of the communist nation of Cuba, may have wanted revenge on President Kennedy for launching an attempt to overthrow the Cuban Government in the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961. Additionally, the president’s brother, Robert Kennedy, also approved a separate plan to assassinate Castro, which Castro replied to with a malicious threat. He said that if the American government had hired an agent to kill him, then he would do the same to assassinate the American president.…

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