The Assassination Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Antony In the play Julius Caesar, Shakespeare tells a story of the assassination of Caesar, and how Brutus and a group of conspirators are able to assassinate Julius Caesar. It also shows how other people in Rome are affected by the assassination of Caesar and what exactly happens after the assassination. One of those people affected by the assassination is Antony he becomes a great leader of Rome. This is a very unexpected event to occur because in the beginning of the play Antony is considered a partier and a non-serious ¨politician¨, he was kind of quiet and in the background of everyone. The other politicians quickly learn how well of a crowd speaker Antony is when he comes out after Caesar 's assassination and he´s able to persuade the crowd to both crown Brutus and then to making them to want to kill him and the rest of the conspirators.Antony is also able to defeat his enemies. Then in the end of the play Antony speaks of how the conspirators were all honorable men and that Brutus was the most honorable of them all. Antony has always been a setback person he´s considered a partier. He would only speak very little in the beginning of the play he has only a few lines and very little involvement of the government. (1.2.9-10) ¨I shall remember: when Caesar says do this it is performed.¨ Says Antony to Caesar about when he is running that he will touch his wife to get rid of her illness of not being able to bare a child. He is not very involved in the government but he…

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