Essay on The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

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Terrorism is a term that seventy years ago was nearly unheard of in Western civilization. Today, it is a word we are all too familiar with. We can find acts of violence all throughout history. We see acts of violence develop into terrorism as early as the eleventh century and progress to become more organized and politically driven from that point. While politics are often a target or goal, terrorists are also motivated by monetary gain and religion. An official definition of terrorism has never been agreed upon, however I will input my opinion on the subject and how terrorist attacks since the turn of the millennium have changed and affected Western civilization. The assassination of Julius Caesar, acts of the French Revolution, and the attempt on our own Ronald Reagan’s life are all considered acts of terrorism. Merriam-Webster defines terrorism as “the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.” Interestingly enough, if one were to search “terrorism definition” on Google, the first website on the list is actually Many slightly differing definitions exist and there is not a set legal definition that has ever been agreed upon. I am willing to argue that the definition given above is accurate. Terrorism is in essence acts of violence that are meant to persuade civilians and government alike for some form of political gain. The three examples of terrorism I gave at the beginning of the paragraph…

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