The Assassination Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Following the assassination of Julius Caesar, a young Roman arriviste named Octavian arrived on the scene. Renamed Augustus, he was the founding father of the government that ruled the Roman Empire for hundreds of years. History remembers him as the man who not only ended the Civil War, but brought peace, prosperity, and cohesion to the empire. Thus, began the historical period known as Pax Romana or Roman Peace. In Discourses, Epictetus tells us, "For you see that Caesar appears to furnish us with great peace. There are no more enemies, nor battles, robbers, or pirates, but we can travel at every hour and sail from the rising sun to the setting." However, history has begun to disclose a different account. To reveal the extent of Augustus 's peaceful Rome, we must examine the rhythm of Rome and her people. From soldier to servant, from Senator to slave, one must piece together the structure of their lives, both to construct Rome in the time of Augustus and decide for ourselves if the was a time of peace.
Much overlooked in this period was the enormous diversity of culture, philosophy and address over the vast empire. Local differences and countless variations and inequalities of ethos between districts were boundless. Italic division among classes ran rampant.
It isn 't hard to imagine that life among wealthy Romans held esteem and enjoyment. Their homes were beautiful, and they often dwelt on the green hills and in lush valleys far…

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