The Aspects Of Pet And Music Therapy Essay

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Course introduction and overview

I am extremely excited about PACS 331 and the content that we are going to cover throughout the term. I’ve always been interested in trauma healing and hope that after the course I will be more knowledgeable about identifying trauma and about how to help those who have experienced or are experiencing it.
I personally think that the idea of these journals is a great learning tool. Taking the time to reflect on learning is something that often is tossed aside until dreaded midterms and finals where the lessons are required to be absorbed, usually at a thoughtless and rushed pace. I often find studying like this to be a short term solution, and I usually don’t remember lesson content afterwards. With these journals, I think that I will be able to understand course content not only more thoroughly but remember it as well, and then go use it to further my understanding and skills in the future.
I am very interested in the aspects of pet and music therapy. I hope to look into these topics for my research project after learning more about trauma healing through course content. I think that these topics fit well into the outline that we went over in this class, and will reach out to other subtopics worth studying after exploring the base course ideas.
1. What did this class mean to me?
To me, this class was an introduction to the content, professor and the group that I will be learning with for the term. The…

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