Essay about The As The Future Farmer Organization

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The subculture I chose is the FFA which is also known as the future farmer organization. I started in this organization when I was a sophomore in high school. The organization starts in the middle school and goes into high school. My high school isn’t big on FFA, so I had to find out through a mutual friend. When I started in this club I didn’t know what to except so I was shy at first and didn’t volunteer for activates as much as I should have. The older I got, the more involved I became. Throughout time I began to learn to enjoy it even more. The chapter works with doing things for special needs and homeless people. When I help those people out, the feeling of it just makes me feel like I am making a difference in the community helping those people in need. I believe that having my chapter get out and help the community, is teaching the younger generation that life is about helping others and not expecting anything in return. Another thing I believe is that it shows kids how much fun they can have without having to sit inside on their phones all day. The kids can get involved and do something good for people. When it comes to being a member of this great organization it’s a pretty big deal. The chapter I am apart of is always in the top 5 chapters every year in the state of Michigan, so it’s kind of huge to be a part of. It also means a lot to me because I have put a lot of work into my chapter and spent a lot of hours doing stuff for my chapter. There’s also a…

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