The As A Thinker And The Philosophy Essay

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As children we learn that fire is hot when we touch the stove, and that there is a voice we have to say no to everything, even if we want it. In adolescence we’ve learned how to use that voice and turn our thoughts into voiced opinions. At this point the path typically diverges and you either become a thinker or a part of the taught. The difference between a thinker and the taught is subtle, and many people believe they are thinkers when in reality they are the taught. The thinkers and the taught receive the same instruction and learn the same things, but the thinker goes further and applies his/her learned information to his/her previous knowledge, becoming what we call a Critical Thinker. The taught are not like the thinker in that they believe everything they are taught to be true, but the thinker questions what is true and what is not. Philosophes like Plato and John Henry Newman also stress the need of going beyond what is taught in order to better benefit oneself and the betterment of society. Understanding is the necessity of education, and yet comprehension is lacking everywhere. People aren’t asking “Why?” and are instead saying “Okay.” Education today, or as Newman would refer to it, instruction, focuses on learning as much as possible in a short amount of time with no importance on maintaining and improving what is learned. Though as of recent it has begun changing, many people find no problem in the education system of America and how it is simply rote…

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