Essay The As A Solution For The Free Will Problem

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Compatibilism as a Solution for the Free Will Problem
Are human actions completely free? Freedom can acquire several definitions; according to Bavetta’s study on freedom of choice, for example, liberty can refer to the agent’s freedom of choice, effective freedom, or autonomy (47). The belief of freedom of choice acquires two main perspectives: an incompatible and a compatible view between free will and determinism. The incompatible position states that free will and determinism cannot coexist in the same universe. Determinism, on the one hand, one of the incompatible positions, claims that freedom of choice is nonexistent; instead, the deterministic position believes in universal casualty. Events are the consequence of previous events or actions, working similar to a chain. On the other hand, the freedom of the will or the libertarian freedom, also an incompatible position, refers to the belief of freedom of choice, meaning that decisions are controlled by the agents. Consequently, the compatibilist view arises to offer a solution to the incompatible free will problem by creating a connection between moral responsibility and determinism since free will is necessary to believe in moral responsibility.
The concept of “freedom” plays an important role for both the compatible and incompatible positions mentioned above. The belief of freedom of choice as a form of liberty, for instance, claims people are free whenever they have the opportunity to choose their actions.…

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