The As A Romantic Comedy Essay

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In the introduction to our edition of Epicene, Gordon Campbell takes a view of the play as “untainted by overt morality: it contains few concessions to the usual values of comedy; there is no affirmation of the value of friendship or love, no banishing of villains, no triumph of happiness” (xvii). What I believe Campbell has failed to address is the existence of sub-genres of comedy. The style of comedy he describes was common in the Renaissance, but was not the only style at the time. The affirmation of friendship or love, and banishing villains is entirely too centered on assuming that Epicene is a Romantic Comedy. Epicene, I argue is a lot darker and leans more to the sub-genre of Satirical Comedy. Satirical Comedy is centered around the folly and vices of man as well as when the short comings of individuals are ridiculed. A Romantic Comedy is centered around a love story that faces a conflict and in the end the evil is defeated; often good conquers all. Though Epicene shares some elements with a Romantic Comedy, the real focus is that of the characters’ satirical agendas that often disguise a commentary on topical subjects like social and political issues. They are led by their own motives and this allows us to follow the logic of the play and the reasons for all the underhandedness. I argue that Epicene is Satirical Comedy disguised as a Romantic Comedy. By taking key dialogue points and plot fragments I discuss classic romantic narrative themes and how they are…

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