Essay about The As A Man By Leonardo Da Vinci

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Lost In The Forms, Forever In The Intelligence During the Renaissance period in life, a man by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci was doing many things that helped change the views of man. Leonardo was born out of wedlock between a respected notary and a peasant woman in 1452. During his child and teen years, Leonardo was under the care of a sculptor by the name of Andrea Del Verrocchio, who helped him kick off his art career. Like all people, Leonard had his fair share of thoughts and opinions, he voiced and showed them through his work. Leonardo’s studied can be categorized by academics and arts, by doing so he helped in his time frame, affected generations after, and he has even caused and shown impact on this century. Looking at Da Vinci and his academics, he mostly studied science. His studying of science included, engineering and design, dissection, human anatomy, philosophy, and investigation of nature. In order to do what Da Vinci was doing, he would have needed a great education, but he only received formal education for the basics in reading, writing, and arithmetic. In fact, most of his learning was self-taught; he learned through experience and observing. When Da Vinci first struck an interest in dissection, he started to lay the foundation of human anatomy. Some of the first drawings of a fetus, heart and vascular system, organs, and other muscle and bone structures come from Da Vinci. Although, at first his work of anatomy was an art form, it quickly turned to…

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