The As A Creative Genius And The Authority Behind A Text Essay

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The romantic conception of the author dictates that the author should be viewed as a creative genius and the authority behind a text. As such the author is a vital element of the creative film making process, as Altman acknowledges: “somebody has to create the basic blueprint” (Richolson, 1992: 152). ‘Auteurism’ is the concept of a film as the personal expression of the writer or director; as Lapsley explains; “The displaced orthodoxy can be encapsulated by the single word ‘auterism’: the belief that cinema was an art of personal expression, and that its great directors were as much to be esteemed as the authors of their work as any writer, composer or painter.” (Lapsley, 1992: 105) Barton Fink and The Player undoubtedly and categorically question and undermine this concept. Robert Altman, director of ‘The Player’ faults Hollywood entirely for the undermining of the individual genius of the writer: “Hollywood is all about greed and making as much money as you can and trying to get rid of all the writers.” However, it can be argued that the writers themselves are somewhat to blame. They often sell out for money either allowing their writing and ideas to be tampered with or write what the studio asks for, rather than what they would like to write. The ‘individual genius’, the auteur, should write “of and about and for the common man.” (Coen; Coen, 1991: 6.55), and be resistant to the lure of money or the temptation to write for others rather than for themselves. In order to…

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