The Arts Education Quality Deficiency Essay

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Art is the canvas for the body, mind, and soul. It inspires creativity and ideas; art is the outlet for emotion that cannot always be said in words. Art is implanted in our minds from an early age, and is especially important in schools. However important it may be, the United States has fallen behind in progress due to an influx of education of STEM education. Arts education is being overlooked by the government as a non-important issue. While most primary schools typically have art and music classes, low-income areas do not get the same level of quality in arts education as others. Nevertheless, there is hope in nonprofit and government-funded organizations that are pushing for a change. Arts education quality deficiency has declined in recent years and has yet to be revised by the federal government to spread change. The arts are used everywhere in life and have countless benefits for students and government; if the necessary funding and action are put forth to full potential then art programs can improve the wellbeing of children and adults alike across the United States.
Arts education has been in place for many years and has changed throughout. It involves activities such as sculpting, painting, music, drawing, and playing musical instruments. There are many government and nongovernment funded programs that are in place in the United States today. These include Americans For the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, and many…

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