Essay on The Arts And Natural Science

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What kind of knowledge do we gain from the arts? It has been highly bothering to determine to what is knowledge produced by the arts. How do we know it is knowledge. How do we differentiate between the knowledge provided by arts and natural science. Is knowledge of the arts intention of the artist, the artwork itself or the interpretations of the viewer? To a large extent knowledge of the art is subject to contextual analysis and remain subjective whereas natural science tends to be more rational and objective. Throughout the essay I will be trying to make claims regarding arts and natural science about what kind of knowledge is gained from them by focusing on arts.

Artistic knowledge is subjective (emotional to feelings and bias) to interpretation of the viewer provided the context. The knowledge gained from the arts is to large extent dependent on individual interpretation rather than a collective objective truth. In reality the intention of the artist is totally irrelevant and what is primary or even the most importance is the impact the work has upon the audience. The idea is that art is brought into being only as the reader or viewer responds to it. For example an artwork which was under a lot of scrutiny recently is the Queen’s Vagina by Anish Kapoor. The piece presents the idea of art as method of provocation. The role of the artist in such a creation is irrelevant in the sense that his aim was to provoke people and make them think and he was able to achieve it. The…

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