The Artistic Movement Of Claude Monet And Pierre Auguste Renoir

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The artistic movement known as impressionism sought to capture events and scenes in order to convey their essence not through exact reproduction but rather through color and light. The goal was not only to reproduce the scene itself but to also reproduce the sensation and life of the scene. The impressionist style with its free and unplanned brushstrokes, bright and vivid colors, and innocent subjects soon became synonymous with modern life and art. Various individuals within the movement would capture in snapshots different aspects of everyday scenes and people, with themes ranging from industrialization to nature and the rural lifestyle. It is clear that for several Impressionists the goal was not to comment on anything in the scene but simply to paint its essence and leave it for the viewer to decide if there is any deeper meaning. We see in the art of Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir a need to depict scenes not as perfect reproductions but as reflections of a moment. Their artistic styles convey light and movement so well that the beauty of their work is in the way it remarkably expresses the energy and spirit of a scene. Artists of impressionism quickly captured the world through their own eyes, and in that way they also captured the dynamism and change of their world. The painters of impressionism found beauty amongst change. Though the world was in a time of great change the impressionists expressed the world in a snapshot of light, color, and sensation in a way…

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