The Articles Reviewed Extensively Various Research Design Essay

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The four articles reviewed utilised various research design. The following experimental methods are described; Thomas, Shiels and Gabbay (2014) utilised a random sample of primary care, family planning waiting rooms and post graduate volunteers from campus health centres. A cross-sectional questionnaire was used to measure recent and future condom use within communities. Broaddus, Schmeige and Bryan (2011) utilised a longitudinal study which was conducted over the course of two years. Every six months youths answered questions pre-set by researchers, regarding sexual behaviour. A meta-analysis was used by McEachan, Connor, Taylor and Lawton (2011). The meta-analysis was conducted by a variety of research strategies inclusive of online searches, by physically going into libraries and looking up journals and approaching key authors personally to seek out any potential up to date research completed. Out of the 5802 papers identified they were subjected to an inclusion/exclusion criteria, as a result of this only 206 met the criteria for useful reporting. Armitage and Talibudeen (2010) conducted a random sample of college students who were selected by their respective teachers, ranging from a broad economic background. The groups were split into two sections intervention group and a control condition group. The sample was selected for these two groups by way of a coin toss. TPB was measured directly prior and directly after the intervention. Questionnaires were…

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