The Articles On Charles Horton Cooley Essay

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The following paragraphs were derived from multiple sources which include:, Robert Gutman, and Glenn Jacobs. The articles, web pages, and journals from which the paragraphs were paraphrased from can be found on the reference page.
Charles Horton Cooley was born August 17th, 1864 to Mary Elizabeth Horton and Thomas Mclntyre Cooley in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Charles Cooley was born when Ann Arbor was beginning to grow and expand. According to Ann Arbor had a population of 5,731 in 1864 and in just six years gained an additional 2,000 residents. Charles Cooley was the fourth child between his parents. Two more children were born after Cooley causing him to become a middle child. Thomas Cooley was a Supreme Court Judge for the state Michigan. Thomas Cooley was also one of the first three professors to start the University of Michigan Law School. Thomas Cooley was appointed the dean from 1859-1884. The Cooley family was able to live very comfortably due to Thomas Cooley’s income. Charles Cooley’s father took high prize in education and made sure all of his children were given the opportunity to be well-educated. Cooley was a sensitive and submissive child and because of this he never established a strong emotional attachment to his father.
Charles Cooley felt alienated by his work-driven and achievement oriented father. Cooley received his early education at a public school in Ann Arbor and graduated at the age of sixteen in 1880. Cooley suffered from a multitude…

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