The Articles Of The Constitution Essay

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The Constitution is the framework of America and is one of the earliest documents in the nation 's history. Originally drafted as the Articles of Confederation the Constitution laid the groundwork for our government and the judicial system. The original articles were drafted in Philadelphia in 1777 but after disagreements between government and states ten years later in 1787 the constitutional convention was called for back in Philadelphia. This meeting was the birth of the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation were originally written in 1777 granting states more power and limiting government involvement in their business. There were several drafts of the articles leading up to it’s final version written and edited by many different people. One version was even written by Benjamin Franklin but was not approved. By the time the final version of the articles was written in November of 1777 dozens of changes were made to the articles. By 1779 all of the states had voted in favor of the new articles except for Maryland. However, eventually they were convinced and approved of them. The articles went into effect on March 1st 1781. When the articles were ratified, they hadn’t fully dealt with all of the issues they were supposed to including, taxation on particular groups like slaves and Native Americans, and also what taxes should be imposed in relation to the white population of a state. Also there was no way for congress to regulate trade throughout the states, leading…

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