The Articles Of The Constitution Essay

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The Constitution constituted several decades ago composed what is the United States today. After the Revolutionary War with Britain, the new country, America, was left to the hands of the people who fought with their lives for their freedoms and rights, and now it was up to them to devise them a new government. The pursue for an adequate government structure in this new born country thus begun. The process took about ten years but it was well worth it. During this process, two documents were instituted. These documents helped build what is America today but the second one is the most valuable. Although the Articles of Confederation is somewhat valuable, without the Constitution, the society will not be the same today. First, the articles of confederation was established but then a new constitution was required. Articles of Confederation was implemented in the United States to organize a new government for their new country separating from the British. The colonists wanted a government that which was not like the British. They wanted to make sure that the new government wouldn’t do what the British has done to the colonists. The Articles of Confederation created a one house body of delegates and each state had one vote. This constitution didn’t have a president or a judiciary body, also the any decision that had to be made as a country at least required nine out of thirteen states to make one. The Congress limited power such as declaring war, conducting foreign affairs,…

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