Essay on The Articles Of Confederation Was Ineffective

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Ratified in March of 1781, the Articles of Confederation provided the United States of America with its first form of government. The Articles called for a loose confederation where each state continued to have its independence along with individual rights and powers. The Articles were less powerful than the state constitutions and were designed to be reactive, causing the national government to be significantly less powerful. After seeing the severe flaws the Articles contained, delegates gathered in a meeting known as the Philadelphia Convention, later named the Constitutional Convention where, unbeknownst to them, the Constitution would be created. Although the Constitution provided the United States with its first effective form of a democratic government, it also limited those eligible to be involved in public government activities, and therefore preventing a pure democracy by acting as a guard against it. Events like Shay’s rebellion proved the Articles of Confederation were ineffective, which left the national government weak and lacking essential powers (“Constitutional Compromises” 1). Some of those powers being the inability to regulate commerce, create a national currency, impose taxes, and expand westward (Genovese 2). After seeing what the Articles were doing to the new nation, fifty-five delegates gathered in May of 1787 in Philadelphia in hopes of amending the articles, which came to be known as the Constitutional Convention. At the convention there was…

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