Essay on The Articles Of Confederation Vs. The Constitution

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A Look at the Making of the Constitution

Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution
The Articles of Confederation was the first written constitution of the United States. However, as it has been well documented, the Articles had many inherent problems associated with it. The Articles of Confederation would require all of the states to give their approval to pass. The Articles were also very limited in the actual power the new government would have. Under the articles of confederation all states remained independent and sovereign, and only utilizing Congress as an absolute last line of defense. "Without the power to tax or coerce states to follow the treaties it had negotiated, the Confederation Congress could not resolve the nation’s economic problems and diplomatic issues. Leaders also worried that the Confederation lacked the military power to deal with rebellions or foreign foes" (Keene 138).
The concern was that many wanted a stronger national government to protect the American interest when it came to dealing with world affairs. The occurrence of Shays’s Rebellion focused the need of a more powerful central government. Land to the west that was desired by the new nation would be difficult to obtain and hold without it. The articles of confederation gave a limited view and granted limited power available for the government to use and govern the 13 initial colonies. In reference to the Articles, “Introduction In the 1780s, the young nation faced serious problems,…

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