Essay on The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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Articles of confederation were a modest attempt by the country to unite itself and form a national government. It gave most of the power to the states. The new constitution written in 1787 called for a more unified government with a lot more power. In both systems; one state cannot enter into war by itself and the central government, not the states, is in charge of the value of money. Moreover there are term limits for different offices in the government. One of the key distinctions between the articles of confederation and the constitution is the way they set up the legislature. Constitution establishes a bicameral legislature with a upper house, senate and a lower house. On the other hand in the articles it is established as a unicameral legislature referred to as congress. It allows all states to be represented equally. Another major difference between the two is the form of tax levies. In the articles tax levies was a right reserved for the states and the national government was not allowed to levy taxes. Under the constitution however, congress specifically the House of Representatives is able to tax and raise revenue. This enables the government to fund the Army, Navy and other national services. Some of the goals the articles of confederation managed to accomplish were to bring the states together and establish a strong legislature. The legislature gave people a voice in the government. Also under the Articles, the colonists set up the Land…

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